Arte Mundial Dubai 2025

Arte Mundial Dubai Dubai 2025
From April 17, 2025 until April 20, 2025
Dubai - Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai, Emirados Árabes Unidos
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Onde a arte do mundo se reúne! Descubra milhares de obras de arte originais e diversificadas de galerias de renome e artistas solo vindos de todo o mundo.

Book your standBook your stand for World Art Dubai, 17-20 April 2025. Book your standWorld Art Dubai. Where the World's Art?Art comes together. At WAD, you will find engaging, exceptional, and experiential-things! Street Art & Culture Celebration in WAD24 – Urban Art DXB. MINA (Mrs Wilhelmina Quaynor). MINA (Mrs Wilhelmina Quaynor). MINA (Mrs Wilhelmina Quaynor). Do not just take our word for it. Foreign Country Representative

World Art Dubai is the largest contemporary retail art show in the Middle East. It featured over 10,000 pieces of artwork from 400+ galleries and solo artists.Representing 65+ countries. WAD welcomed more than 11,000 art lovers and provided a nonstop schedule of art performances, talks, and workshops.

Discover the dynamic world created by WAD Artists and Galleries. Over 400 talented artists have come together to show a vibrant and diverse range of artistic expressions.

We have it all, from live street art to music! International and local graffiti artists were celebrated

w11-1/ oil and charcoal canvas / 42x30 inches / 2018.

w11-1/ oil and charcoal canvas / 42x30"/ 2018.

w11-1/ oil and charcoal canvas / 42x30"/ 2018.

The "Energy, Water and Fire" contest was held in Milano, Italy, in 2015. Hong Kong awarded the "Award of Excellence" for 2018.Lydia Moawad’s works were sold at the 2014 "Modern Art Show", in Jeddah (KSA), alongside works by Picasso, Van Gogh, and Fateh Al Mudaress.Moawad’s works have also been exhibited in Art Central in Hong Kong and EXPO 2020 at the Lebanese Pavilion in Dubai. These works are also in private collections and have been displayed in museums in Hong Kong and Tokyo, New York and Berlin, Austria, Rotterdam and Florence, Paris and Milan. They were also exhibited at the Kuwait, Dubai and Qatar Museums, as well as in Amman, Agadir and Niagara Falls.

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Dubai - Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai, Emirados Árabes Unidos Dubai - Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai, Emirados Árabes Unidos


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